Papumba School Ambassadors is a program for innovative preschool institutions that are looking to apply fun and engaging ways of learning in the classroom.

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Child Development


A large variety of activities are available online & offline.

Our apps are available in 15 languages. You can use them as a resource for teaching languages and different cultures.

Online & Offline

Fun Learning

Your students will have fun and play while learning.

Complete set of apps that cover key preschool curriculum themes, designed by award-winning developers.

Feedback Sessions.


Papumba´s School Ambassadors Program

Always: Assistance, constant support, recommendations, joint work, improvements and access to new Papumba products!


Application for becoming a Papumba School Ambassador.

Online surveys to know about your experience.



Installation of the Papumba suite of applications for free, for a lifetime.

Papumba analyzes results and applies improvements.


To launch our program, we are selecting 50 schools to receive a free lifetime license for all of our educational apps, get free advice on EdTech, and be part of a great community of innovative schools around the globe.

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