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We're passionate about harnessing the potential of technology to learn and inspire.

Who we are

Papumba is an award-winning educational app for kids aged 2-7. We offer a variety of educational activities, including games, books, videos, podcasts, meditations, yoga sessions, and much more.

Why we do it

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow to their fullest potential. Papumba provides a safe and engaging learning environment where kids can explore their interests, develop their skills, and have fun.

We're committed to making screen time a positive and enriching experience for families.


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What do we mean by "good screen time" when we talk about the Papumba app?


Playful Learning

We provide a fun and educational digital environment that encourages learning through play.


Safe Environment

We ensure ad-free, safe content for children, giving parents peace of mind.


Balanced Screen Time

Papumba provides a safe and controlled digital environment, ensuring positive screen time.


Comprehensive Growth

With our games, podcasts, and videos foster cognitive and emotional skills development in an interactive way.

Let's talk about positive impact: ❤️

10+ Million

downloads all over the world
4.6 rating on Play Store and App Store

Paying subscribers
Daily active players
Daily minutes played
Chosen by    Top 10 Apps for Kids Globally

Our team is made up of diverse and talented creators, experienced leaders, and a prestigious Board of Educators and Advisors.

Award-winning app!

Papumba’s learning app is globally recognized as


Our manifest

It all started with a simple idea: let's make the most reliable learning app for families.
Dear parents,

When you were born, technology was the promise of a bright future: a promise of reaching a higher level of freedom thanks to internet you became the first generation to grow in a connected world - the ‘digital natives’!

As children, you had fun with Mario Kart but as teenagers you became the involuntary testers - and sometimes victims -  of social networks and the toxicity that comes with them. Now, as young parents you know too well how technology can separate, rather than unite. You care about how to prepare your children to learn how to live with it and avoid its pitfalls.

At Papumba we believe that technology can help raise a wiser, more empathetic generation.
We harness technology to make learning playful and safe for your children, we design online activities which not only stimulate their intelligence, but also make them more caring for one another, so you can enjoy a relaxing moment (or attend a disruption-free zoom call!)

We understand that a young family life is a rollercoaster of energy, peppered with highs and lows, quiet and hyperactive moments, and we have built Papumba around all these moments.
But there's one thing that technology will never change: the great memories you make when you spend time with your children, growing together as one family. So feel free to put the tablet away!

Yours truly,
The Papumba Team

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