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Environmental Lesson

Teacher Resources: Addressing Environmental Care in Class

Developing notions about environmental care in preschoolers is crucial for fostering a generation committed to preserving our planet.

This valuable skill not only provides them with fundamental knowledge about sustainability but also positively impacts their overall development.

Here are some highlighted benefits:

  • Early Environmental Awareness: Fostering environmental care from childhood builds early environmental awareness, teaching children to appreciate the nature around them.
  • Responsibility and Empathy: Instilling environmental care promotes responsibility and empathy, as children learn that their actions can have a direct impact on the environment and the lives of other living beings.
  • Sustainable Habits: Introducing sustainable practices from childhood establishes a solid foundation for environmentally friendly lifestyle habits, such as recycling, water conservation, and respect for biodiversity.
  • Connection with Nature: Developing environmental care nurtures children's emotional connection with nature, fostering a lasting love for our planet and its creatures.
  • Education for a Sustainable Future: Equipping children with knowledge about environmental care lays the groundwork for ongoing education on environmental issues, preparing them to face environmental challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Below, you'll find educational resources available in our educational app that will help you create an enriching and enjoyable classroom experience for your students.

What you’ll get from this lesson

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Educational material designed to address the envionmental care in a playful manner.

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Interactive activities for use in class that promote acts of environmental care.

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Free downloadable class guide with thematic axes and exercises.

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Digital Book: The One About The Environment

After a simple bike washing activity, Lio, Emma, and David realize how small actions at home can make a difference when caring for the environment. Guided by Lio's mother, they explore fun ways to be "green," from turning off unnecessary lights to recycling and reusing everyday items. Read our digital book to your students in the classroom and then download the free class guide below to do related activities.

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Reading Guide: The One About The Envionment (free)

Download the free reading guide for our book "The One About The Environment". It includes activities and ideas to discuss the importance of environmental care with your students.

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Environmental Lesson

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Learning Game: Ocean Savers


Developed in tandem with World Animal Protection, a civil society organization working on environmental care and animal species, this interactive game allows children to discover the importance of keeping the earth's waters and animals clean from garbage.

The game addresses the three most common components of underwater pollution:

  • Plastic
  • Trash
  • Oil

The dynamics of the game allow children to make decisions that help clean the waters and the animals that inhabit them.

Get Papumba and try this game for free!

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Mermaid Eco Rescue Mission

This story is about a curious mermaid who, while exploring the sea surface, faces a dilemma when her crab friend gets trapped in a can.

Listen to the story with your students and then use it to have a conversation in class using the following conversation topics regarding the act of sharing:

  1. Cooperation and Friendship: Friends work together to overcome challenges and help a needy friend.
  2. Environmental Responsibility: Children learn to recognize and address garbage on the beach, understanding the importance of keeping natural spaces clean.
  3. Empathy and Assistance: The story highlights the importance of showing empathy and helping others, even marine creatures, promoting compassion.
  4. Consequences of Actions: The characters experience the consequences of human actions on the environment, teaching children about individual responsibility.
  5. Gratitude and Rewards: Gratitude and reward for positive actions are highlighted when the mermaid leaves shells as thanks for the help received.

These conversation points can help students reflect on themes such as friendship, acceptance, and the importance of being authentic.

Activities to do in class:

1) Trash Cleanup in the Playground

Objective: Apply the message of the Mermaid's story in the nearby environment.

  1. Materials: Garbage bags.
  2. Development:
    • Explain the importance of keeping spaces clean, just like the friends cleaned the beach.
    • Take the children to the playground and show them how to pick up small objects that may be considered "trash."
    • Ask them to collaborate to clean the area and throw the waste in the bags.
  3. Learning:
    • Practical connection with the idea of ​​cleaning the environment.
    • Fostering environmental responsibility from an early age.

2) Marine Eco-Art

Objective: Foster creativity and ecological awareness through art.

  1. Materials: Paper, crayons, paints, brushes, shells, sand, recycled elements.
  2. Development:
    • Encourage children to create a marine artwork using the provided materials.
    • Ask them to include elements from the mermaid story and the ecological rescue mission in their creations.
    • At the end, they can explain their works and how they reflect environmental care.
  3. Learning:
    • Stimulation of artistic creativity.
    • Integration of ecological concepts into visual expressions.

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