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Respect Lesson

Teacher Resources: Addressing Respect for Others in Class

Developing the value of respect from an early age not only contributes to the formation of empathetic and tolerant citizens but also fosters a positive and collaborative school environment.

Respect not only contributes to the emotional well-being of young children but also lays the foundation for harmonious coexistence.

Here are some highlighted benefits:

  • Promotion of Positive Relationships: Teaching children to respect their peers establishes a friendly and collaborative environment, facilitating the building of positive relationships from an early age.
  • Development of Empathy: Respect involves understanding and valuing the experiences and feelings of others. By cultivating this skill, the development of empathy is promoted, helping children to understand and share the emotions of their peers.
  • Improvement of Communication: Respect is reflected in how we communicate with others. Teaching children to express their ideas respectfully and to listen actively contributes to more effective communication and strengthens language skills.
  • Creation of an Inclusive Environment: Respect for differences and diversity is essential. By instilling tolerance from childhood, an inclusive environment is created where each child feels valued, regardless of their characteristics or background.
  • Promotion of Positive Behavior: Respect is the foundation of positive behavior. By learning to respect others and themselves, children develop skills to resolve conflicts constructively and engage in group activities positively.

Below, you'll find educational resources available in our educational app that will help you create an enriching and enjoyable classroom experience for your students.

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Educational material designed to address the act of respect in a playful manner.

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Interactive activities for use in class that promote acts of respect among students.

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Free downloadable class guide with thematic axes and exercises.

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Digital Book: The One About Respect

Emma, Lio, and David enjoy an exciting day at the carnival. However, their eagerness for fun leads to situations where mutual respect and coexistence norms are tested. Through valuable lessons from Emma's Grandfather, the children learn to treat each other with courtesy, follow the rules, and be aware of others. Read our digital book to your students in the classroom and then download the free class guide below to do related activities.

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Reading Guide: The One About Respect (free)

Download the free reading guide for our book "The One About Respect". It includes activities and ideas to discuss the importance of respect with your students.

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Respect Lesson

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Learning Game: Emma's Costume Party


This interactive game allows children to discover the importance of choosing based on their tastes and preferences when choosing their costume for a party at Emma's house.

The dynamics of the game allow children to make decisions to dress characters who manifest different tastes and their happiness in choosing their favorite outfits.

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Emma And The 3 Bears

Emma comes across the house of three bears while taking a walk in the forest... she gets inside while she shouldn't

Listen to the story with your students and then use it to have a conversation in class using the following conversation topics about respect:

  1. Respect for Property: Discuss the importance of asking permission before entering or using other people's things.
  2. Consequences of Actions: Explore how Emma's actions affected the bears and how decisions have results.
  3. Respect for Privacy: Discuss personal space and why it is crucial to respect the privacy of others.
  4. Safety: Teach children about the importance of safety, such as closing doors and windows to protect themselves.
  5. Not Entering Unknown Places: Reinforce the lesson of not entering unknown houses or places, promoting personal safety.

Activities to do in class:

1) Shared Treasure Game

Objective: Teach the importance of asking permission before borrowing.


  • Small toys brought by the students.


  • Place various toys in a box and explain that they are "treasures" that everyone can share.
  • Ask the children, in turns, to choose a treasure from the box and explain why they would like to borrow it.
  • Then, encourage your students to return the toy the next day and express their gratitude.
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