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Speak Up Lesson

Teacher Resources: Addressing Self-Expression in Class

Developing the ability to express oneself clearly while acknowledging their feelings and emotions is fundamental for the holistic development of children. Fostering an enriching environment that nurtures their communication and self-expression skills will enhance their future communication abilities.

Integrating the development of emotional skills into the classroom experience creates a more enriching and positive environment, where children not only learn academically but also grow emotionally, contributing to favorable overall development.

Here are some highlighted benefits:

  • Active Participation: Fostering expression in the classroom encourages children to actively participate in discussions, activities, and dynamics, creating an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their ideas.
  • Improved Teacher-Student Communication: When children express themselves freely, teachers gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts and emotions. This facilitates more effective communication and allows educators to adapt their approach according to individual needs.
  • Development of Listening Skills: The practice of expression in the classroom is not just about speaking but also about listening to others. This exchange promotes the development of active listening skills, essential for collaborative learning and building positive relationships among peers.
  • Stimulation of Curiosity: By encouraging expression, teachers cultivate children's curiosity and interest. This can translate into greater enthusiasm for learning and exploring new ideas, contributing to the development of a stimulating educational environment.
  • Strengthening Critical Thinking: Expressing oneself in the classroom not only involves communicating thoughts but also developing critical thinking skills. Children learn to reflect on their own ideas and those of others, building a solid foundation for cognitive and academic development.

Below, you'll find educational resources available in our educational app that will help you create an enriching and enjoyable classroom experience for your students.

What you’ll get from this lesson

A magnifying glass on a black background.

Educational material designed to address the importance of expressing oneself.

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Interactive activities to be done in class that encourage the expression of emotions.

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Free downloadable class guide with thematic axes and exercises.

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Digital Book: The One About Speaking-Up

It tells the story of Lio and Emma as they face the frustration of a lack of drawing materials in their art class. Emma encourages Lio to express his feelings, and together, with David's help, they find a creative solution. They learn the importance of expressing themselves respectfully and discover how open communication can lead to positive solutions. Read our digital book to your students in the classroom and then download the free class guide below to do related activities.

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Reading Guide: The One About Speaking-up (free)

Download the free reading guide for our book "The One About Speaking-up". It includes activities and ideas to discuss the importance of sharing with your students.

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Speak Up Lesson

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Educational Game: Zero Bullying


Alongside Power of Zero, we developed this interactive game that engages children and adults as they face typical scenarios where bullying occurs, such as school, the school gym, or a party. The game addresses the three most common perspectives in a child bullying situation:

  • The victim
  • The bully
  • The witness/es, also called bystanders

The game dynamics allow children to make decisions that help stop bullying, support their friends, and seek help from adults.

Get Papumba and try our free game!

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Lidia Huayllas, the andean climber

Emma, transported by a magic clock, arrives at Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America, where she meets Lydia Huayllas and the climbing cholitas.

Listen to the story with your students and then use it to have a conversation in class using the following conversation topics about respect:

  1. Overcoming Fears: Lydia and the climbing cholitas show how to overcome fear by facing it, demonstrating that bravery can lead to exciting experiences.
  2. Teamwork: The collaboration between Emma and the climbing cholitas highlights the importance of working together to overcome challenges and achieve common goals.
  3. Celebrating Diversity: The story highlights cultural diversity through the climbing cholitas, showing how each person brings something unique and valuable to the group.
  4. Creativity and Expression: The creation of the snowman illustrates how creativity and personal expression can generate joy and strengthen bonds between people.
  5. Respect for Nature: Lydia shares an appreciation for nature and the mountain, teaching Emma to enjoy the natural beauty and find happiness in those moments.

Activities to do in class:

1) Toy Climbing

  • Materials: Small toys, blocks or boxes.
  • Instructions:
    1. Explain to the children that they will do a "toy climbing" in the style of Lydia and the cholitas.
    2. Arrange the toys, blocks, or boxes in a staggered layout to simulate a small mountain.
    3. Invite the children to climb the "peaks" using their toys, promoting coordination and balance.
    4. Encourage the children to express how they feel while doing the activity.

2) Crafting Climbing Cholitas

  • Materials: Colored paper, scissors, glue, pre-punched holes, threads.
  • Instructions:
    1. Provide materials and explain to the children that they will make crafts inspired by the climbing cholitas.
    2. Cut out figures of women in colored paper to represent the cholitas.
    3. Help the children glue the cutouts onto a background and add details like aguayo skirts and colorful backpacks.
    4. Punch holes at the top and help the children tie threads so they can hang their creations.
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