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Feelings And Emotions Lesson

Teacher Resources: Addressing Feelings and Emotions in Class

Developing an understanding of feelings and emotions in preschoolers is essential as it significantly contributes to their emotional well-being and overall development.

Integrating the development of emotional skills into the classroom experience creates a more enriching and positive environment, where children not only learn academically but also grow emotionally, contributing to favorable overall development.

Here are some highlighted benefits:

  1. Positive and Safe Environment: By encouraging the expression of emotions, an environment is created where children feel confident to share their feelings. This sets a foundation for a positive and collaborative learning environment.
  2. Emotional Connection: By understanding their own emotions and those of others, children develop a stronger emotional connection with their peers and teachers. This promotes healthier relationships, reduces bullying, and improves the sense of belonging.
  3. Behavior Improvement: By providing children with tools to recognize and manage their emotions, their ability to deal with difficult situations is strengthened. This can translate into behavioral improvements as they learn to channel their emotions positively.
  4. Development of Social Skills: Emotional intelligence is essential for the development of social skills. Children who understand emotions are better able to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts peacefully, and collaborate in group activities.
  5. Academic Performance: There are links between emotional well-being and academic performance.

Below, you'll find educational resources available in our educational app that will help you create an enriching and enjoyable classroom experience for your students.

What you’ll get from this lesson

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Educational material designed to address feelings and emotions in a playful manner.

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Interactive activities for use in class that promote feelings and emotions among students.

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Free downloadable class guide with thematic axes and exercises.

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Digital Book: The One About Feelings

It tells the story of Emma and Lio, who, initially discouraged by the rain that ruined their plans to go to the beach, experience a range of emotions. Guided by Emma's Grandfather, they learn about the emotions of sadness and happiness. They discover that, despite adversity, they can change their mood through positive actions and clever games. Read our digital book to your students in the classroom and then download the free class guide below to do related activities.

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Reading Guide: The One About Feelings (free)

Download the free reading guide for our book "The One About Feelings". It includes activities and ideas to discuss the importance of exploring feelings and emotions with your students.

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Feelings And Emotions Lesson

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Learning Game: Understanding Emotions


This interactive game allows children to explore different emotions and feelings by changing Lio's facial expression through an intuitive system.

Get Papumba and try this game!

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The Gray Duckling

It tells the story of a duckling who, not being accepted by his siblings, embarks on a search for a new friend.

Listen to the story with your students and then use it to have a conversation in class using the following conversation topics about respect:

  1. Acceptance of Diversity: The story highlights how being different does not mean being less valuable and how diversity adds richness to our lives.
  2. Empathy and Understanding: Children learn to put themselves in others' shoes and understand that differences should not lead to rejection but understanding.
  3. Facing Adversity: The duckling faces adversity and rejection but finds comfort and friendship in the end, teaching children to face challenges with a positive attitude.
  4. Valuing Uniqueness: The story emphasizes that each individual is unique and special in their own way, promoting self-acceptance and personal appreciation.
  5. Unexpected Friendship: Children learn that friendship can arise in unexpected places and with unexpected people, promoting openness and willingness to make new friends.

Activities to do in class:

1) "Diversity of Prints"

Objective: Foster acceptance of diversity and uniqueness.

  1. Provide each child with a sheet of paper and colored tempera paints.
  2. Ask the children to draw a duckling using their hands covered with tempera as a base for its body on the sheet. Each one will therefore be unique and different.
  3. Then, encourage them to share their creations in groups, highlighting the diversity of ducklings that can exist.

2) "Friendship Letters"

Objective: Foster writing and expression of feelings.

  1. Provide paper and crayons to each child.
  2. Ask the children to write or draw a letter to the duckling, expressing how they would feel if they were his friends.
  3. Afterwards, they can exchange the letters in the group and discuss their messages of friendship.

The dynamics of the game allow children to make decisions to create original combinations that trigger surprise animations related to the character's mood.

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